Contractual Manpower Provider in India

NESTOR specializes in providing permanent and contractual workforce for long-term contracts, permanent placement, or short-term assignments across industries. Be it blue-collar workers, production operators/helpers, housekeeping and pantry staff, corporate security personnel, horticultural staff or chauffeurs, NESTOR has better access to talent and skilled workforce for all your requirements. Our contractual staffing services are ideal for organizations that witness frequent fluctuations in manpower requirements. Our domain experts offer ideal manpower solutions to address the evergrowing demands for:

Production Operators
Production Helpers
Office Boys / Security Guards
Electricians / Technicians
Executives / Clerks


Our periodical process-oriented trainings and feedback sessions ensure enhanced productivity of our workforce. By keeping regular tabs on ability, skills, integrity, psychological and behavioral aspects, we ensure optimum and consistent outputs for our manpower resources. Background verification of each and every personnel is an added advantage. We consider criticism as a scope of improvement and work on feedback received from clients to leave no scope for errors next time.

Highly trained personnel

High quality services at competitive rates

Periodic coordination with clients to collect service feedback

Field Officer/Supervisor visit to evaluate the performance of onsite manpower

Adaptable to all kinds of technological and procedural overhauls

Quick reinforcement of substitute manpower in emergency situations

Hiring The Right Personnel For The Right Positions In Your Organization

At present, business trends have undergone great change. As a result of this, you need to adapt to the new strategies and techniques in your organization. Manpower is the force that propels your organization to go ahead. Thus, recruitment of personnel in your organization holds great importance for you. Gone are the days, when full-time employees were hired for various positions in any organization. Nowadays, for certain reason, hiring personnel for short-term periods proves very fruitful. NESTOR Solutions provides contractual manpower services at cost-effective prices. You can avail yourself of these services to run your business on the right track.

With the contractual manpower services, your organization will be in a better condition. You will be able to hire employees who have sophisticated skills and expertise for a certain ongoing project in your company. As soon as the project is completed, you can terminate them without assigning any reasons whatsoever. So, you need not think about them for their welfare over a long-term basis. In case, you need full-time employees for your organization then you will get a good chance to test them through contractual hiring. Staying by their side for a certain period will give an idea about their working methods and you will be able to know whether or not they are fit for the long-term positions in your organization.

We, at NESTOR Solutions, boasts a strong recruitment division comprising highly skilled professionals. Prior to recruiting candidates for various profiles, our team tests them on various parameters. So, we can get you the right personnel for the right position in your organization. As a result, you will be tension-free with the running of your organization.

Briefly, contractual manpower services are important for the smooth running of an organization. It equips it with manpower that makes it run efficiently. In today's time, it is the right strategy that every organization should adopt.